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Home Clean Home, our parent company, has created a game changing coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service for homes and businesses. We are working side-by-side on the front lines of the pandemic to stop the virus from spreading its germs. The novel coronavirus is able to survive on common surfaces for as many as 72 hours, according to a recently conducted study. Although the stay at home order designates people to avoid the person-to-person contact that spreads viruses, an all-inclusive strategy of social distancing and disinfecting is the best way to protect public health and safety.

What is the Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus is a new strain of virus that is responsible for the illness named Covid-19. It causes flu-like symptoms, followed by a high fever and dry cough. Unfortunately, it can cause blocked airways for some, having potentially fatal consequences. People age 65 years and older who are infected with the coronavirus constitute 80% of deaths and  31% of the total reported cases, according to a statement released by the CDC. 45% of hospital patients, and 53% of coronavirus-related ICU treatments are also of this age group, with the highest risk being for the elderly. We conduct a coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service that applies a residual biocide whose effect lasts for weeks. Our techniques eliminate coronavirus germs on the spot, and keep your homes, schools, and businesses safe going forward. 

Why choose us

Social distancing can help prevent the spread, but it is not always possible to be completely isolated. Regularly disinfecting will protect us from germs left behind at grocery stores, healthcare facilities, and other essential businesses.  The coronavirus disinfecting techniques that we have developed are designed to help flatten the curve now, and protect us as we emerge from the stay at home order and return to our daily lives. People’s daily habits, such as placing bags and jackets down on their desk at work, or turning a door knob without sanitizing can increase the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Using our nearly 3 decades of experience, we innovated a 3 Step Process to combat the unseen coronavirus germs wherever they might be. Part of this process includes applying a residual biocide that fortifies any surface with an antimicrobial layer that lasts for up to several weeks.

The 3 Step Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfecting Service

Step 1: Your countertops, tables, and other surfaces will be soaked for several minutes in a powerful disinfectant, killing all germs, viruses, and bacteria immediately.


Step 2: The trained professionals on our team will wipe down all treated surfaces, and allow them to air dry in order to avoid microfibers from lint and dust from forming an unsightly film.


Step 3: We apply a biocide with a specially formulated residual effect that provides continuous protection against microbes for weeks.

What to Disinfect

Our team protects businesses and homes from dangerous germs at all times, by performing a highly detailed disinfecting service. We treat everything for coronavirus germs, including:


  • Door knobs and intercom buttons

  • Elevator buttons and lightswitches

  • Desks, tables, and chairs

  • Faucets, showers, and toilet seats

  • Cabinets, countertops, and draw handles

  • Refrigerators, coffee and espresso machines, and stoves

  • Keyboards, phones, and computer desk area

  • Safety grab bars, windows, and curtain rods

Coronavirus Cleaning & Disinfecting Service Area

We have provided the leading cleaning and disinfecting services to NYC’s surrounding area for almost 30 years. Our coronavirus cleaning and disinfecting service is available to nursing homes, multi-residential buildings, offices, schools, and more. Service area includes Brooklyn, Staten Island and the 5 boroughs, New York State,  parts of Pennsylvania and Connecticut, and New Jersey.

Get to know how we work

We use special products and equipments to perform the disinfection, watch the video bellow to see how we work:


Coronavirus Cleaning &

Disinfecting Services

What is Coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and how we disinfect it?

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