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Flood Cleanup NYC Services

The Flood Cleanup NYC flood damage restoration services are designed to rescue commercial and residential properties from any size disaster. Our water damage specialists are experts in water extraction, and recovering homes from flooding and storm damage. We understand and appreciate the need for urgency during a flood cleaning, in order to avoid permanent structural damage after a flood or a storm. When facing a water damage emergency, Flood Cleanup NYC can come to the


Water Damage Restoration

Residential and commercial buildings face a lot of potential issues when met with water damage, but our specialists are trained to expertly perform water damage restoration at every level. We will thoroughly clean and dry your home and your belongings, and perform any repairs that need to be done as well. Sanitizing, odor removal, and flood cleaning are all build in to our water damage restoration services. We pay extra attention to ceilings, floors, and walls, so your home or business will be good as new in no time!

Disaster Recovery Services

The Flood Cleanup NYC team are experts at hurricane relief and storm damage restoration. We offered our assistance in storm damage restoration to NYC after Hurricane Sandy, and bring that same expert level of experience to all of our clients.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

During flood damage restoration, the carpets and upholstery will need special attention to prevent mold from growing within the fibers. Our carpet & upholstery cleaning services are the best way to restore and protect your home after a storm. We will steam clean your carpets & upholstery to perfection. In the event of deep water damage, we can even take care of lifting carpets for mold mitigation, and replacing it afterwards.

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